Company History

30A Rental Properties was founded with a strong base of providing exceptional service and unmatched response time to our rental guests and owners. 30A Rental Properties is committed to working tirelessly and is solely devoted to the properties that we manage. 30A Rental Properties is the premier boutique property management company on 30A offering superior customer service and specialized marketing for only a selected number of owners. Our company’s focus is quality over quantity, to us you’re not just another property number. Our goal for the select owners we represent; we provide the highest possible return on investment by offering guests unmatched service and response time, this is what keeps our guests returning year after year.

With 30A Rental Properties exceptional service guarantee, we work around the clock to make all of our finest and most unique luxury vacation rental properties are well taken care of and ready for our guests to enjoy their time. With our full-service property management, we are here to provide the highest quality of guest relations and unmatched response time ensuring all our guests and homeowners alike feel that personalized touch that our company does so well.

Our strength at 30A Rental Properties is that you are part of a group that cares about you and your property. 30A Rental properties solely focuses on a limited number of properties at any given time ensuring we never lose touch. Our team has the power to be among the largest on 30A however we understand what it takes for a company not to be a commodity but a necessity. We view that as long as we give our guests that personalized service and geniality that we truly are here for them and will do anything we can to make sure they have a long lasting memory to take home with them the sooner they will come back and stay at our properties again and again because of our one on one personalized touch.


Unmatched Value

We offer our homeowners a chance to step away from the rest, the benefits that our unique approach to vacation rental and property management has to offer allows your property to have its own identity. This approach allows the property to avoid being part of the competitive nature of just being just another commodity. Our efficient and well-rounded approach in managing your luxury vacation property works because 30A Rental Properties focuses on building long term relationships within the local community and with our past rental guest, ensuring that our past rental guests come back year after year. Our company’s retention rate with past guests is among the best in the industry.


30A Rental Properties is dedicated to providing only top tier value


    * Company structure tailed solely around profiting with our owners, not from them
   *  Full-service Management of reservations and direct bookings
   *  Our housekeeping is top tier and goes through rigorous training
    * Top tier marketing offering organic material to promote your property
    * Regular Quality Assurance check-ups with all of our rental guests and owners
     * Researched and statistical & reliable data to ensure your property is priced right
     * Direct access to 30A Rental Properties owners anytime, we want to hear from you
    * Efficiency program focus on being consistent and ensuring our rental guests experience only the highest quality experience




How 30A Rental Properties markets & promotes your rental property.

VRBO | AIR BNB | Expedia



All of our properties are listed on the most popular vacation rental sites such as VRBO, Airbnb, 30A Rental Properties and Rent 30A. By doing this we ensure that we are reaching the consumer to increase our property inquiries which will increase rental popularity and visibility. 



Local Listing - 30A Properties


We  list all our properties on local outlets to increase inquires as well as increase community awareness surrounding your property. We have found that in todays market rental guests are seeking outlets that do not require them to pay service fee's such as "Vrbo and airbnb. 30A Rental Properties is well prepared and ready to service our rental guests. We can accept booking outside of the normal outlets to ensure we never miss an opportunity to increase rental bookings!



Advertising on Google


We attract new customers with our  Business Profile on Google. By us utilizing our Business Profile which will appear right when people are searching for your 30A Rental Properties we are more likely to connect with a potential rental guest.  We do weekly updates. to our Business Profile — allowing us to stand out, and bring customers in.




YouTube Promoting - Visually



The major of our properties offer virtual walk-throughs and tours of the property as well as videos. 30A Rental Properties marketing videos that we create through out the year to promote the property will also be featured on our YouTube Channel. By promoting our properties on YouTube we have seen great success in offering a visual outlet for rental guests to notice our properties. 



Email marketing with our massive database of 30A renters!


We preform weekly marketing emails to be sent out not just to the overwhelming database of all our past guests but as well to all the tens of thousands of 30A visitors each year. Our email  blasts that still have the personal touch can reach thousands of potential rental guests at a click of a button. 




Facebook Promoting



30A Rental Properties also promotes your listing by using Facebook Ad campaigns which we use to promoting your property list. There are 1.49 billion daily active users on Facebook, as of September 2018. Facebook is still seeing consistent growth in usage, meaning that there’s a huge chance to connect with your next rental guest. We do hyper focus our efforts in the popular states that generally come to vacation on 30A,  large portion of your target audience.








Our rental guests enjoy working with us and we enjoy making them happy and offering a luxury experience not just another vacation. Over the hundreds and hundreds  of rentals guests that we have assisted over the years, we now have an amazing database created with our awesome rental guests that truly do want to stay at our properties time and time again. We have a strong repeat renter percentage and this proves that our repeat guests trust in us to make their time special and enjoyable. 



Just simply saying you will do something, doesn't mean you always do... Right? Well with 30A Rental Properties Official Badge and Status of our 5 Star property management review report and response time ranking! We are proud to announce that our efforts and status with bookings rank #1!



Our focus on RIO is one of a more well rounded approach to successfully hitting a particular properties revenue goals. We don't just focus on getting your Peak Season weeks rent... No... That wouldn't be good. We spend a lot of time and efforts on the offseason, it’s all about increasing occupancy in the weeks that are competitive and have limited rental guests interested in booking. That's one of the many ways we increase our homeowners ROI. 



30A Rental Properties, always speaks first hand with a potential rental guests before renting the property to them to verify who they are and feel out the situation. Protecting your property is one of the most important parts about our management style. You can be rest assured that we will always do our best to make sure the rental guest is a good fit. 



This is where we shine, 30A Rental properties has unmatched communication with our rentals guests and even more with our homeowners. You will always be able to reach someone at 30A Rental Properties day or night our promise to our homeowners will never change. We always keep our homeowners in the loop, at least as much as they want to be kept in the loop!  We are thankful for our homeowners. 



We initial started 30A Rental Properties with the goal of being a boutique management company on 30A and we have stayed true to our companies values. This allows us to provide hands-on, boutique-level service for every homeowner, guest, and property we manage a select number of luxury properties and this allows us the capability of responding quickly to rental guests, homeowners, and keeping a personal touch on the properties. 







Originally from Savannah, GA, Hayden brings a down-to-earth, friendly approach to property management. Hayden gained a vast background in property management, vacation rentals, and investments, and is known for his strong work ethic, passion, dependability, and always a dash of good humor. In 2013, at the age of 19 Hayden accomplished being the youngest licensed Realtor with The Premier Property Group located on the breathtaking Scenic Highway 30A along northwest Florida's Emerald Coast. Hayden joined his father and mentor who has successfully become one of the top producing Realtors on 30A. Hayden’s goal is to build long-term relationships with his customers as a confidant and friend, placing their best interests ahead of all else. Furthermore, with a passion for law and a Bachelor's degree from the legal studies department at the University of Central Florida, Hayden comes prepared to handle business. 


“He enjoys spending time with his close friends, from college and, with his outgoing personality, is always ready to make new friends; you can say the Georgia hospitality runs deep! Feeling the pull of white sands, the laidback island lifestyle, and shimmering Gulf of Mexico, Hayden feels right at home on the beach."


Direct: (850) 238-2151 | Email: hayden@30abeachgetaways.com