Home Owner FAQ



When and how do your owners get paid? What about taxes?

Our homeowners are paid on a monthly basis via direct deposit into the account of their choosing or a mailed check directly to the address provided. Detailed statements showing fiscal activity are provided at least once a month or upon request. You will not see any administrative fees or statement markups – simply because (we do not charge them) Our pricing is cut and dry and inclusive you only pay the agreed upon commission. We also pay all sales taxes on behalf of our homeowners.


What preparations are made in order to prepare my property for peak season?

Every one of our homes is given a thorough deep cleaning at the end of each peak season. We also regularly do inventory inspections and evaluations, which allows our team to make any suggestions for your property. The cost of the deep clean is provided at direct cost from our cleaning crew, no mark ups. This ensures that your property stays in perfect working order and stays looking brand new and clean.


Do you have any decorating services in House? Or can you recommend local companies who can come help us redecorate and upgrade our vacation home?

We have great references for interior designers in the area who offer a wide range of pricing and decor styles to fit your needs. We are happy to help consult with you regarding how to best outfit your property for maximum rental capability.


Is 30 Rental Properties able to help me prepare my home for storms or hurricanes?

You Bet!! Your homes safety is one of our top priorities and concerns not just during hurricane season. With the many local vendors and contractors that our company has worked with in the past we can arrange any preparations that you tell us you want done. In the event of impending weather, we are happy to help secure outdoor furniture as needed. We always suggest doing any desired preparations sooner rather than later as supplies and availably of contractors do get hectic and limited.


Do guests receive any amenities upon arrival?

We only supply the best quality soaps and supplies for our rental guests. With the top of the line amenities that we supply our guests feel appreciated and welcomed. Our amenity package includes soaps, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, paper towels, and toilet paper. All of these amenities are ready and waiting for our guests.


Once I sign up with 30A Rental Properties do I get a main point of contact?

Yes! We are dedicated to you and your property and we are available to you 24/7.


Another company is currently managing my rental property – how easy would it be to transition to 30A Rental Properties?

We are easy to work with and we are proud to establish and maintain great relationships with other rental management agencies in the area, and we work hard to ensure the transition is smooth, hassle free, and professional for everyone involved. We handle every aspect of a changeover and are experts at all logistics required for a successful transition.



Are there any blackout dates or restrictions on when homeowners can use their properties?

Absolutely not! This is your hard work paying off we encourage all our owners to come enjoy their home, it is your property and we are happy to block off dates that you would like to use the property we even allows friends and family to come without penalty the only cost to you would be the cleaning fee which we bill directly at cost … again no mark ups here.



How are the rental rates determined?

Our team heavily researches the local competing properties and we analyze all past data from prior years to adjust rental rates accordingly our system allows us to adjust rental rates to be competitive while still securing top for your property. We believe your property is worth asking top dollar as 30A Rental Properties only manages the finest luxury properties we drive the narrative with the consumers and convince them why your property is worth it we don’t haggle on your property.


Are there any required home maintenance vendor services?

No, however we strongly suggest you purchasing a AC routine maintenance program from one of our local recommended professionals as it is Florida and AC issues will happen so we strongly suggest that you take our recommendation serious and get ahead of the game to avoid costly repairs and service calls. Normally preventative maintenance programs cost from $125 - $250 per unit per year. 



How do you handle items that are broken or damaged by rental guests?

All reservations come with a required nonrefundable damage waiver policy, which covers accidental damages up to a certain point normally $1,000 - $1,500 of accidental damages. Any damages charged above that amount (or anything failed to be reported by the guest prior to checkout) becomes the guest’s liability to pay.


Does 30A Rental Properties offer a linen program? In a way, yes! You have options.

With so many different types of bedding in the homes we manage, we quickly realized we could not laundry and press every individual linen to our incredibly high standards. We will provide you a list of the required linens that will need to be purchased and help you by either purchasing them directly for you and or sending you the link for you to purchase them on your own and shipping them directly to us. We are happy to do anything that makes your life easier. We do require you to purchase 2 full sets of linens.



Does the housekeeping wash the linens at my property?

No, we do not allow our housekeeping to wash any items at your property for several different reason, we always review the linens unrushed and make sure the linens were not damaged or stained beyond repair if so we want to go through the linens thoroughly and make sure the linens are perfect. As well we do not allow our housekeeping to use your personal washer and dryer for wear and tear reasons, we do not want to put the enormous wear on your machines.